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A Few Excerpts From An Old And Rare Production

Frozen Ceremony
The dance goes on forever, around each and every stone, perpetuated by the dancers, who are frozen to the bone.

Desert Tomb
The ancient glyphs upon the wall, when read aloud they light the hall, where eternal kings stand grim and tall.

Ghost Lights
All sailors fear the eerie light that dance along the coast at night.

Winter Tower
The tower rises towards the skies, brick upon brick of snow and ice.

Dead Halls
No sound, no movement, not even time, trouble these halls of my troubled rhyme.

Buried City
Where a wondrous city used to stand, there now is naught but desert sand.

Gloomy Castle
Once from towers banners flew, in wind which from the heaven drew, a splendour that is now all gloom.

Whispering Keep
The wind that blows through broken walls, it lends its voice to empty halls.

Ghoul’s Lair
The ghouls they gather here, in a dark and slimy lair. No sun to burn their skin, as pale as it is thin.

Witch House
In these woods there’s sorcerery, bringing life to stone and tree.

Ice Cavern
A gleaming act of bewildered ice, a frozen enchanted paradise.

Ancient Tunnels
Illuminated by the mineral ores, the tunnels run deeper in their endless course.

Crumbled Mine
Echoes of many a mattock travel, from a past that nobody wants to unravel.

Dragon’s Lair
Gleaming scales or is it gold? The truth is only for the bold.

Mountain Tomb
Solemn features and eyes so cold, such is the visage of the kings of old.

Magis Keep
The magi still resides within, though haggard, cursed and bony thin.

Hollow Stone
In hollow stone out on the fields, the victor shall be the one that yields.

Hydra’s Mark
This stone it marks a cursed domain, where life is blackened by disdain.

Misty Stones
Up from the ground rise stony fingers, as if reaching for the mist that lingers.

Troll Cave
Hearth of stone, cauldron of copper, boiling humans and trolls making supper.

Forest Mound
The trees they grow upon a mound, whose nourishment is far from sound.

Forest Tower
Green and growing, wiry and high, the tower looks down on all who pass by.

Haunted Castle
The past of this castle is horribly engraved, in the vaults down below where no souls could be saved.

Fallen Stones
Mossy and fallen, these stones are a trait, of times that are gone and with them all the faith.

Moon Cave
When moonlight hits the polished wall and dance along the marble hall, the magic will roam free for all.

Demon’s Tomb
Locked in the chains of an arcane spell, the demon longs for the flames of hell.

Sun Henge
With the path of the sun the stones are aligned, marking the perpetual passing of time.

Swamp Crypt
Overgrown by many a marvelous vine, the crypt is of death an outspoken sign.

Forest Circle
In the shadows of the stones, dance elven folk with dead man’s bones.

Bone Hoard
Bones upon bones so white and serene, the rats since long have eaten them clean.

Below the sand in an endless maze, spectres and wights along corridors chase.

Frozen Keep
A creaking and cracking symphony, is haunting the frozen gallery.

Seer’s Tower
Every year the tower sinks, deeper down the swamp that stinks.

Weeping Stones
Where the wind and waves hit land, these weeping stones they make their stand.

Dark Lair
In the darkness a malice dwells, in filth and rot and acrid smells.

Winter Tower
Clad in snow and frozen tears, the tower endures the endless years.

Burial Mound
Since long forgotten king here lies, empty sockets where once were eyes and might revealed by golden prize.

Pyramids of Mesa
Aligned with the stars in the distant sky, a mystery from a time gone by.

Frost Circle
Grim and frostbitten stones here stand, marring the frozen northern land.

Water Mill
As the water flows, the wheel moves around, to spin is the fate to which it is bound.

Fallen Pillars
Where once stood mighty palaces and towers, there now is ruin where nothing flowers.

Desert Temple
The sanctity of the ancient shrine, has of late been in decline.

Traveler’s Well
In many a traveler’s dream, this blessed well it gleams.

The carvings speak of blood red seas, rising above all lands and trees.

Sand Stone
As old as the sand that stretches out, the tower still stands so proud and stout.

Abandoned Fortress
Though desolate and sought by none, the towers still glow in the heavenly sun.

Two Cheerful Pieces from a Cheerful Writer

Rising abyss
On the heaving sea of rotten flesh,
A rising tide of reeking death,
Longing for the sun’s caress,
The drowned are crawling up the depth,
Reaching for the fading light,
From a distant heaven falling,
Rendering their ghastly sight,
That through the dark comes prowling.

I seek not gold that glitters, nor pleasures of the flesh,
To free the mind or save the soul, those are not my quests,
I live not in the hope of rememberance and glory,
Wish not for the world to immortalize my story,
I dwell not in the moment, or on that which is to come,
The rythm of my melody, it needs no worldly drum,
I move in trance to music that never stirs the air,
Performed by an orquestra which simply is not there,
I behold such sights of wonder as I open up my eyes:
Fire, purple, azure, but the colours are all lies,
The world is just a mirror, and I am just a man,
Who stood before a chasm that no mind could ever span,
To venture any further, I had to take the fall,
Into that gaping abyss which lurks within us all.

Troubled Rhymes of a Troubled Mind

Grave Song
Within the tomb of mossy stones,
A massing choir of cursed souls.
All flesh is gone from moldy bones,
Still loud the song of ghostly howls.

The Tower

There is a lonely tower,
In the barrens to the east,
Where opiatic poison flowers,
Ornament a sulphur feast.

Old and sullen stands the sentry,
In a pluming gruesome haze,
With none to dare an entry,
Save the wind that haunts the waste.

The endless vines from a great below,
Sent coursing through my ruined halls,
In fading light I watch them grow,
Their patient climbing over crumbling walls,
As centuries are passing by,
For a cursed ghost am I.

Celestial recall
Tales from star glass memories,
Of burning gods in blinding prime,
Light from aeons passed,
The heaven holds their flames no more,
A splendour lost in time.

Bathe me in the blood of beasts,
Dance me through the night,
Watch the hunger as I feast,
My ravenous delight.

Moon passage
The pale shall be my shephard,
His light my binding leash,
But darkness that surrounds me,
The shadows of the trees,
They break the bond with heaven,
Should I drift within their reach.

Forest toccata
In deepest woods a whisper,
where no path finds it way,
Realm of olden tree trunks;
towering, worn and gray,
Each pond is there so silent,
with water black as night,
The moss is ever glowing,
in silverly delight,
The whisper which is heard there,
it echoes endlessly,
Uttered for the reason,
to dance from tree to tree.

Twilight serenade
Moonlit surface of calmest sea,
Whisper of nightly breeze,
Elusive dance on misty meadow,
Fragrance of opiatic plumes.