Runescape Mobile Version Brings An Old Game Back To Its Former Glory

OSRS for mobiles was finally released on October 30th 2018 after having been in beta for members only since June same year. Being fully cross platform OSRS mobile has brought a lot of life back into the old game which is currently about 3-4 times as popular as Runescape 3 which is a more graphically advanced and content rich version also known as evolution of combat that forked away from OSRS on the 20th November 2012 and is yet to be released for mobile. Although the number of concurrent player numbers have been steadily on the rise since the bottom result of 37000 concurrent players that the two versions combined hit in October 2013 – largely thanks to OSRS seeing as RS3 is on a slow but steady decline – the numbers still spiked impressively upon the release of mobile version almost doubling as the population grow from 56000 to 102000 over night. It shall be very interesting to see what happens with Runescape 3 player numbers when mobile version is released in what is rumoured to be in late 2018 or early 2019.

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