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EVE Online is a promising market

EVE Online is the biggest science fiction themed MMORPG with over 400K subcribers worldwide. Originally released on May 6th 2003, the game has gone from clarity to clarity with a long list of expansions:

Exodus: Cold War
Exodus: Red Moon Rising
Revelations I
Revelations II
Empyrean Age
Quantum Rise

The most recent expansion, Inferno, was released on the 24th of April 2012, adding a variety of interesting features to an already great and full fledged game of impressive size.

The EVE Online universe is incredibly huge – roughly 100 light years across – with over 5000 star systems and 2500 wormwhole systems. To traverse the EVE universe would take forever with ordinary space flight. Fortunately, there are shortcuts in the form of jump drives, jump portals, jump bridges, jump clones and wormholes. Still getting from one end of the universe to the other takes several hundred jumps and probably around 5 hours of play time, give or take depending on your type of ship. To visit every single one of the 5000 star systems takes around 7 months out of which maybe 1500 hours are play time. To visit every planet in every system would be a daunting task for even the most dedicated of pilots.

The size of the game, and the amount of time that must be invested to get anywhere, are the reasons why it’s such a promising secondary market (real world trading). Trade between players plays a huge part in EVE Online. Players research, mine and manufacture goods for eachother. Every commodity, product and service has a value in ISK, the in-game currency. Due to time constraints, not all players have ISK to buy things with or significant amount of goods to sell. In order to get anywhere in the game, these players must turn to real world trading. They must locate a webshop outside of the game that sells ISK, ships, blueprints, implants, minerals and other stuff and then purchase these goods with real money, typically via PayPal.

I have recently brushed up and search engine optimized the EVE Online Shop where you can buy EVE Online ships and other useful things at affordable prices. That which distinguishes this shop from many others is the delivery service. The goods are delivered to the buyer’s station of choice. Customer can choose any system with a security of 0.5 or higher for delivery. This saves the customer precious time and the potential hazard of space pirates and armed conflicts that infuse the EVE Online universe. Once this shop starts ranking properly on the good keywords, the financial success will be a fact. At least I hope so.

Diablo 2 Power Leveling website launched

I have been in the Diablo 2 business on closed since 2001, sold millions of items and made tens of thousands of fellow gamers across the globe very happy. I got into power leveling in 2005 and it has been a niche market ever since. I have had my ups and downs through the years but I hit rock bottom in 2011 and it does not seem to improve. I response to this I started doing some research on search volumes for certain keywords, and among all those I found there was “Diablo 2 power leveling” which very well may turn out to be a good search term to place on.

Now before we get ahead of ourselves we need to get one thing straight: the D2 community is notorious for having a very non standard jargon and terminology. Instead of gold there are only items being spoken of, and instead of power leveling people talk about rushing their characters. Nevertheless, people who can confortably talk the talk can likely walk the walk – meaning they are highly unlikely to spend real money on getting the job done. People who use general online terminology such as power leveling service, on the other hand, are much more likely to suck at the game and buy their way to progress rather than play.

So, without breaking a sweat I registered the perfect domain, set it up on a hosting account, and installed wordpress. Next I filled it up with content, some of it unique and some of it simply a variation on the content of the main site to which I link. After all, I need to get people to buy from me, not just place on the keyword.

However, I am not only greedy, I am also generous and kind. I conjured up a quite helpful D2 power level guide for people that have the will to play themselves but lack direction. I am also kind enough to offer power leveling for HC Ladder which is where it is most sourly needed. I mean, instead of labouring in hell and dying with your Paladin at level 74, why not get it delivered to you alive and kicking at level 90?

So my Diablo 2 power leveling service now has a firm online presence and all that remains is to climb the ranking ladder all the way to the top – for me as well as my customers.

Like Sisyphus I laboured and Iike Icarus I burned

I was up to my waist in Diablo 2 items. I could not move my legs and my arms were slowly being incapacitated as well.  I had been in the business for a few years, and although it had always been quite labour intensive, it had never been anywhere near this level. Business was good overall,  and I had reinvested a lot of money into it. I had bought $50K worth of Diablo 2 items from two independent chinese suppliers. One a duper, the other a boter. Both dollar thirsty. Additionally I had invested around $10K in computers and labour to take advantage of a short-lived public dupe method. All in all it had left me with around 1500 accounts or  12000 characters overloaded with items. The characters even had items placed on the cursor.

The investment was, of course, complete madness. The boter in particular had shoved items down my throat, and I had accepted them for no reason other than not caring about money. No sooner than I had aquired the items, Blizzard started deleting accounts on bnet due to the public dupe, and I was forced to mule everything over to new accounts. We are talking about 1500 accounts worth of items to move under time pressure. And not only that, I had to perm them as well due to the changes imposed on bnet. From that point on no accounts were safe unless they were regularly played on permed characters. It was nothing to it but to do it. And I did it. And did it.  Over and over again.

It was a job that never ended, and for every character bumped I could feel my soul being eaten bit by bit until nothing remained. In the end even my skin burst out in flames. I cursed the Coh, the Hoz, the Enigma and the Shako but little did it help me. I was beyond redemption as it turned out, and despite all the love I had given them, the ungrateful items did not give a shit. I was alone and I was burning.

Had I come too close to the sun, melting my wings in the process, or was I actually licked by the flames of hell? I am currently convinced I was in hell, and I am not talking about act IV in the game. I have stood face to face with the real Diablo down in the deepest pit of hell, and it has marked me for the rest of my life.

Although I no longer labour in hell, my mind and body will never recover from the experience I had there. Allergy to electricity. Screen dermatitis. Mouse arm. Like the wanderer I must now hide my appearance and stagger towards a dark future.