Heard of Realm of the Mad God?

I had played RotMG once and half forgotten about it, despite the catchy title melody, and then 1 year later it occured to me that it could be good business. So I gave it another go and it’s actually really addictive. It also has the advantage of being browser based and it only takes 5 seconds to start playing. It’s a no bullshit approach. All action, no talk. I like it. I like it a lot. Shoot, slash and move to the beat of that awesome track.

Realm of the Mad God was developed by Wildshadow Studios. It entered open beta in January 2010 and the browser version officially launched on June 10th 2011. A year later the company Kabam purchased the exclusive rights to the game. Of course all due to the enormous success of the game. The game is a free 2 play co-op action rpg shooter. The revenue comes from selling microtransactions. According to official sources the main selling microtransaction is stash tabs.

The game also has a strong real money trading market. So strong that the biggest keyword people search for in google is “rotmg price guide”. I dug around a little and found a decent price guide here.

Other than that I suggest watching this video to see what the game is really all about.

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