EVE Online is a promising market

EVE Online is the biggest science fiction themed MMORPG with over 400K subcribers worldwide. Originally released on May 6th 2003, the game has gone from clarity to clarity with a long list of expansions:

Exodus: Cold War
Exodus: Red Moon Rising
Revelations I
Revelations II
Empyrean Age
Quantum Rise

The most recent expansion, Inferno, was released on the 24th of April 2012, adding a variety of interesting features to an already great and full fledged game of impressive size.

The EVE Online universe is incredibly huge – roughly 100 light years across – with over 5000 star systems and 2500 wormwhole systems. To traverse the EVE universe would take forever with ordinary space flight. Fortunately, there are shortcuts in the form of jump drives, jump portals, jump bridges, jump clones and wormholes. Still getting from one end of the universe to the other takes several hundred jumps and probably around 5 hours of play time, give or take depending on your type of ship. To visit every single one of the 5000 star systems takes around 7 months out of which maybe 1500 hours are play time. To visit every planet in every system would be a daunting task for even the most dedicated of pilots.

The size of the game, and the amount of time that must be invested to get anywhere, are the reasons why it’s such a promising secondary market (real world trading). Trade between players plays a huge part in EVE Online. Players research, mine and manufacture goods for eachother. Every commodity, product and service has a value in ISK, the in-game currency. Due to time constraints, not all players have ISK to buy things with or significant amount of goods to sell. In order to get anywhere in the game, these players must turn to real world trading. They must locate a webshop outside of the game that sells ISK, ships, blueprints, implants, minerals and other stuff and then purchase these goods with real money, typically via PayPal.

I have recently brushed up and search engine optimized the EVE Online Shop EVEwiz.com where you can buy EVE Online ships and other useful things at affordable prices. That which distinguishes this shop from many others is the delivery service. The goods are delivered to the buyer’s station of choice. Customer can choose any system with a security of 0.5 or higher for delivery. This saves the customer precious time and the potential hazard of space pirates and armed conflicts that infuse the EVE Online universe. Once this shop starts ranking properly on the good keywords, the financial success will be a fact. At least I hope so.

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