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Let me present total rebuild

I have been working as managing director on since 2005. It was originally a post nuke based site with only Diablo 2 items for sale. I used to handle both Europe, USEast and USWest all by myself without even a refresh bot to help me. I can still hear Deckard Cain ranting about Horadric lore in my dreams. Those were the days.

We added a few games over the years but the only one that has been on the same level as Diablo 2 in terms of sales has been Runescape. Much thanks to there being a huge item market and no Grand Exchange at the time. Other games like EVE Online, MU Online and MapleStory showed some promise but never really took off.

In accordance with the world wide economic depression business has been dwindling since 2009 but I held on with a firm belief in the future of my website. With the right cms, SEO, content and customer support I believed I could hit it off.

So by the end of 2011, with little money to spare, I started working on a new version of the website to facilitate content expansion and user interactivity. It took a year but the new website is finally completed, and it looks and operates fantastically so far. It has full social integration, blog, full fledged stores, payment by credit card, phone and sms, and a growing number of technical safeguards that will protect users and increase credability. Now it’s all about great content, SEO and social sharing.

The different versions of the website from 2004 to 2012 can be viewed below.

RPGStash 2004

RPGStash 2006

RPGStash 2012

It looks brighter does it not?