Monthly Archives: May 2008

Troubled Rhymes of a Troubled Mind

Grave Song
Within the tomb of mossy stones,
A massing choir of cursed souls.
All flesh is gone from moldy bones,
Still loud the song of ghostly howls.

The Tower

There is a lonely tower,
In the barrens to the east,
Where opiatic poison flowers,
Ornament a sulphur feast.

Old and sullen stands the sentry,
In a pluming gruesome haze,
With none to dare an entry,
Save the wind that haunts the waste.

The endless vines from a great below,
Sent coursing through my ruined halls,
In fading light I watch them grow,
Their patient climbing over crumbling walls,
As centuries are passing by,
For a cursed ghost am I.

Celestial recall
Tales from star glass memories,
Of burning gods in blinding prime,
Light from aeons passed,
The heaven holds their flames no more,
A splendour lost in time.

Bathe me in the blood of beasts,
Dance me through the night,
Watch the hunger as I feast,
My ravenous delight.

Moon passage
The pale shall be my shephard,
His light my binding leash,
But darkness that surrounds me,
The shadows of the trees,
They break the bond with heaven,
Should I drift within their reach.

Forest toccata
In deepest woods a whisper,
where no path finds it way,
Realm of olden tree trunks;
towering, worn and gray,
Each pond is there so silent,
with water black as night,
The moss is ever glowing,
in silverly delight,
The whisper which is heard there,
it echoes endlessly,
Uttered for the reason,
to dance from tree to tree.

Twilight serenade
Moonlit surface of calmest sea,
Whisper of nightly breeze,
Elusive dance on misty meadow,
Fragrance of opiatic plumes.