What to do when adding domains in cpanel does not work

When you have a new dedicated or virtual private server running with linux and Cpanel there are many settings that may need configuring before everything runs smoothly. I recently had problems with a vps where I could not add any add on domains in cpanel. The error message was:

Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does not appear to use DNS servers associated with this server. ease transfer the domain to this servers nameservers or have your administrator add one of its nameservers to /etc/ips.remotedns and make the proper A entries on that remote nameserver.

The solution was to enable a setting in WHM under Tweak Settings:

Allow Creation of Parked/Addon Domains that resolve to other servers (i.e. domain transfers)

[Edit 23 Feb 2013] On the new version of cpanel/whm the setting is called:

Allow Remote Domains

EVE Online is a promising market

EVE Online is the biggest science fiction themed MMORPG with over 400K subcribers worldwide. Originally released on May 6th 2003, the game has gone from clarity to clarity with a long list of expansions:

Exodus: Cold War
Exodus: Red Moon Rising
Revelations I
Revelations II
Empyrean Age
Quantum Rise

The most recent expansion, Inferno, was released on the 24th of April 2012, adding a variety of interesting features to an already great and full fledged game of impressive size.

The EVE Online universe is incredibly huge – roughly 100 light years across – with over 5000 star systems and 2500 wormwhole systems. To traverse the EVE universe would take forever with ordinary space flight. Fortunately, there are shortcuts in the form of jump drives, jump portals, jump bridges, jump clones and wormholes. Still getting from one end of the universe to the other takes several hundred jumps and probably around 5 hours of play time, give or take depending on your type of ship. To visit every single one of the 5000 star systems takes around 7 months out of which maybe 1500 hours are play time. To visit every planet in every system would be a daunting task for even the most dedicated of pilots.

The size of the game, and the amount of time that must be invested to get anywhere, are the reasons why it’s such a promising secondary market (real world trading). Trade between players plays a huge part in EVE Online. Players research, mine and manufacture goods for eachother. Every commodity, product and service has a value in ISK, the in-game currency. Due to time constraints, not all players have ISK to buy things with or significant amount of goods to sell. In order to get anywhere in the game, these players must turn to real world trading. They must locate a webshop outside of the game that sells ISK, ships, blueprints, implants, minerals and other stuff and then purchase these goods with real money, typically via PayPal.

I have recently brushed up and search engine optimized the EVE Online Shop EVEwiz.com where you can buy EVE Online ships and other useful things at affordable prices. That which distinguishes this shop from many others is the delivery service. The goods are delivered to the buyer’s station of choice. Customer can choose any system with a security of 0.5 or higher for delivery. This saves the customer precious time and the potential hazard of space pirates and armed conflicts that infuse the EVE Online universe. Once this shop starts ranking properly on the good keywords, the financial success will be a fact. At least I hope so.

Muscle Building is Big Money

Super HeroMuscle building is an integral part of the life of every male human. Every boy is a huge and strong super hero in his imaginary world. Every male teenager dreams of becoming that hero, and many of them actively starts pursuing that dream. Although that pursuit generally dies off as professional life, family or the lack of progress interferes, every adult man still wants to look like a greek god.

Throughout a man’s life, having a defined masculine physique with rippling muscles and freakish strength remains a strong desire. Few attain this goal but many pursue it with varying degrees of success. Hell, even those who don’t hit the gym with any regularity it still want the results. And all of them, questing or not, seek shortcuts. Pills, powders, concocts, extracts, potions, injections – it is a multi billion dollar industry that just keeps getting bigger.

SupplementsHumans have always had a strong belief in quick magical fixes, from archaic times to present time, and it’s not getting any better. We are just as superstitious now as we were a million years ago. The superstitions just have different names and guises. Muscle building, beauty, health, success, money – we all want it, we have always wanted it, and we will always want it. And we are all willing to pay for it with hard earned cash, whether it’s a pharmaceutical drug, muscle building supplement, herbal remedy, skin lotion, lottery ticket or entry into a pyramid game.

Getting anywhere in any kind of pursuit is a matter of luck in so far as genetics, upbringing, and being in the right place at the right time, but hard work and strict routines also play a big part. None of this comes easy. However, drinking a potion, applying a lotion, eating a pill, or buying a starter package is as easy as it gets. Whether it produces any real results or not does not matter because the underlying belief in the practise is irrational and can thus can not be swayed.

One could argue that buying muscle building supplements is not very different from buying food, but that is a flawed analogy seeing as controlled studies show that isolated nutrients such as anti-oxidants have none or even detrimental effects on the health (1). A pill with long shell life is very simple. Biochemistry is not.

Muscle, smoke and mirrorsI recently read the excellent book Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors: Volume I by Randy Roach where the history of body building or physical culture is outlined in great detail. The body building industry was born from strong man shows, and came about in the late 19th century in the form of books and magazines on the theme weight lifting. The main revenue came from selling these publications but soon ads for weight lifting equipment made it into the magazines. The problem with weight lifting equipment was that the buyer was more or less set for life with one single purchase, unlike dietary supplements that can be bought and consumed over and over again. There were some supplements on the market early on but it was not until after world war 2 and the extreme food processing – for shipping and conservation purposes – that came with it that muscle building supplements became big business and started showing up in the magazines. And the rest is history as they say. Although we have Internet and forums today, it is really just a more interactive form of magazine and thereby nothing new under the sun.

I have personally authored a swedish website on the topic of muscle building by the name Bygga Muskler Snabbt where I currently only promote supplements but I am going to give books a try as well. After all, the industry started with books and magazines and I am curious to see the ratio between supplement and book sales.

1. Bjelakovic G; Nikolova, D; Gluud, LL; Simonetti, RG; Gluud, C (2007). Mortality in randomized trials of antioxidant supplements for primary and secondary prevention: systematic review and meta-analysis. JAMA 297 (8): 842–57.